How to provide your professional service

We offer you different options according to your preferences
and needs for providing your professional health services.

Phone Consultation

Whenever and wherever you choose, you can take phone calls and guide your patients (only doctors).

Home Consultation

As a health professional you can provide home services close to wherever you are.

Work from your Office

Increase the number of patients you attend and improve your income by being part of our network.

The Best Schedule

Design your own schedule. Being available will allow you to be visible to the large number of users in our network.

Be part of our select network of Gehnios Health Professionals.

Do you want to expand your possibilities as a professional?

Learn about the benefits of being part
of our network of professionals:

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  Be your own boss.
  Secure payments.
   Manage your time by managing your schedule.
   Increase income for at the end of the month.
   Receive service requests wherever you are.
  Your patients will pay online when the service begins.

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How do I sign up to Gehnios?

Follow the sign up process to become part of our network of health professionals.

Learn how to install Gehnios on your phone by clicking on the icon of the OS you use.

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