Comprehensive Assistance G-360

Our new product for corporate solutions

At Gehnios we are constantly evolving and developing new services, we want to share that we have created G-360 Comprehensive Assistance, which can be accessed using our App where you will find the best health care services with national coverage, offering a wider range of benefits.

Our new product is specially designed to create added value for employees, new talents, and clients, with which they will have access to comprehensive health care from COP 29,000 monthly per member.
Within our services you will find:

  • Telephone medical guidance.
  • Medical visits
  • Psychology and rehabilitation assessment.
  • Coverage of services nationwide.
  • Emergency dental coverage.
  • Ambulance transport.
  • Scheduled appointments with pediatricians and internists.

If you want to know more about our new product visit Comprehensive Assistance G-360 and our Corporate Solutions page

GEHNIOS – Your health. Your choice.

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